Bytetin Eight: Habit – Keep your apps up to date

October 11th, 2021 Posted in


Have you ever gone to use an app or your device, and then see a notification pop-up saying, “please update.” There’s very good reason for it. Beyond just performance improvements, app updates – also known as patches – are crucial for security. All apps contain security vulnerabilities and companies regularly release updates to fix them.  

Patches make it harder for hackers to access your device.  So, turn on automatic updates and restart your device or app when an update asks you to. 

Some devices and software need to be updated manually and you may receive reminders on your phone or computer.  While we’re all guilty of edging towards the “remind me later” button, you will be much more secure if you update your device or app ASAP.

We advise organisations to carry out mobile application penetration testing for an in-depth picture of any vulnerabilities that may be present. To learn more about the types of penetration testing we offer, you can find our free extensive guide to penetration testing here.

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