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Bytetin Eleven: Level-up… by creating more than one account on your laptop

October 14th, 2021 Posted in


With more of us working from home, work and leisure can easily become blurred – particularly when it comes to laptop access. If multiple people are accessing your work laptop, or you use a personal laptop for work, then the below tips will help you to keep your device secure. 

If you use your personal laptop for work, create a separate log in to access your work profile.  

If you share your laptop, create different accounts for your family to log in. This will help to protect your home device and network from malicious software.

For the utmost security, you could even create a separate user and admin account for yourself. This is an amazing way to protect yourself from being hacked. By working routinely in the standard account, any nasty executable files sent through can’t establish themselves without administrator access.   

It’s incredibly easy to do – and is a small change that can make a big difference.  

Links for Windows and Apple users are here: 

Add or remove accounts on your PC (microsoft.com) 

Set up users, guests and groups on Mac – Apple Support 

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