Bytetin Nine: Habit – Don’t get phished

October 12th, 2021 Posted in


70% of organizations have seen increased phishing attacks since the pandemic began, according to Sophos.  

Knowledge is power, so your best defence against these attacks is to become more vigilant.  

Dont get phished

For example, you should:  

  • Become a sceptic concerning incoming emails and SMSs.  
  • Make sure you verify any email or message that asks for your details or to transfer money.  
  • If an email asks you to update your payment details, never use the link in the email. Instead open your browser and access the site your own way. 
  • Where possible, always use 2FA – see Monday’s update [LINK} – or access your account via the official app, rather than through a link in an email. 

For a deep dive into spotting phishing emails, read our blog here 

For more facts and tips on how to ensure you don’t fall victim to email phishing, check out our Identify Phishing free download.

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