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Bytetin One: Level-up… by securing your router  

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Only a few years ago, no one outside of IT would have known what a router is. Now we all have them in our homes, connecting our smart devices to the internet. Without routers, there’d be no Netflix, no high-definition games and no video calls that were the backbone of communication during 2020!  

Routers are devices that allow information to flow from your home across the internet and vice versa. The home router is a fairly simple device. More complex versions exist in larger businesses and also act as key elements of the internet’s backbone. 

Most modern routers come with a built-in firewall, which is a good thing as a firewall is a technical barrier to prevent unauthorised communications between your home network and the outside world.

But 79% of home WiFi networks use weak passwords – and this makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Yep, you read that right. It’s not just computers that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks – but routers too. In the work from home/hybrid world, keeping your router secure is a must to protect your personal privacy – and that of your business.

Password security is criticalRouter security

Your router will have two passwords. One of them is the password you need to enter onto your devices to connect to the router and unleash the power of the internet.  

The second is the admin password. Think of this one as being the keys to your home network. We advise you to change your admin password immediately if you have not done so already.  

Although changing your admin password may sound a little technical, it’s actually very easy to do. Simply search ‘change admin password for <insert your brand of router>’ and you should find an answer quickly. For the six most common brands in the UK, here are a few helpful links: 


Open the drop-down menu for “How do I change the password I use to login to my hub?” 

Find, change or reset your hub password | Sky Help | Sky.com 


Good ol’ BT should ask you to change the admin password when you first set up your router. 

How can I set up or change the admin password on my BT Hub? | BT Help 


Here Virgin talks you through how to change your admin password for its different types of routers. 

How do I change my Virgin Router password? | BroadbandDeals.co.uk 


Here TalkTalk also take you through how to change your admin password for different types of routers. 

Change your router admin password – TalkTalk Help & Support 


Virgin’s expert mode allows you to update the admin password. 

How can I find and change my WiFi name and password? (vodafone.co.uk) 


O2’s guidance was a little harder to find. Look on the page linked below under “How do I reset my O2 router” or simply type into your address bar and press enter, then follow the menu to reset your password. 

Broadband Setup & Security | Business Help & Support | O2 Business 


Change your router’s admin password.

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