Bytetin Seventeen: Habit – Back up data

October 24th, 2021 Posted in


Backing up your data is a must. As well as saving files locally on your device, you can also save them in the cloud. Multiple cloud storage tools exist like OneDrive, Google Drive or Box – whatever works for you or is authorised by your organisation. 

Don’t fear putting sensitive information in the cloud.  Keeping your data confidential, available, and maintaining its integrity is crucial to cloud providers’ business models, so you should be assured they will stay on top of security for you.

Back up data

Cloud security is a shared responsibility, though – it will be your job to set up a unique, secure password (which you shouldn’t share with anyone else) and to set up MFA to protect access to your files.  

As an alternative, you can also save your data to a local hard drive such as a NAS (Network Access Storage). Always remember the 3-2-1 rule when backing up data. Have at least three copies, across two types of media and have at least one of them stored in a different location. 

As we say in the trade: your device is a single point of failure. So, think about ways you can keep working in the event your device is lost.

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