Bytetin Thirteen: Habit – Physical security

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Our phones, tablets and laptops are extremely valuable. Not only are the devices themselves expensive, but they hold a wealth of sensitive data that cyber threat attackers would love to get their hands on. 

This is why it’s so important to keep your devices in a safe place. You should secure them overnight, at weekends and if you leave them in the house while you go away. 

Ransomware 101

As well as this, you should also lock your screens. On Windows laptops, you can do this by clicking the Windows key + L. On Apple Macs, you can simply close the lid or press Command + Control + Q.  

For your mobile devices, we recommend you set your device to self-lock after a short period of inactivity and also enable biometrics for you to log in. 




Stay alert
– Ensure no one shadows you through a locked office door
– Never hold a locked office door open for someone you do not know or have suspicions about

Close doors
– Ensure that locked office doors close behind you
– Never prop open a swipe card activated or other locked office doors

Lock it up
– Lock your desk pedestal / storage cabinets or office areas when you leave
– Always lock devices when unattended
– If you suspect a lock on a cabinet / pedestal / office door has been tampered with, or if the contents of secure storage look like they have been moved or damaged in any way, report it

– Remove any paperwork that you have left on the printer / scanner / copier
– If paperwork has been left by someone else, return it to the owner
– You should always sign out of printers / scanners / copier facilities when you are finished using them

– Make sure your desk is free from confidential documentation when you are not present

sensitive documents
– Store documentation securely in transit
– Keep documentation in a locked bag or with you at all times
– Never leave documentation unattended

– Return any hardcopy files or documents that you have been working on to their rightful storage when you have finished with them

– Don’t use your desk bin or kitchen bins for document disposal, use a shredder or secure bins provided by your employer

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