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Whether you are a healthcare provider, or a supplier to the sector you will be accessing and working with highly sensitive personal data and subject to strict regulatory obligations. This will make you the target of attackers seeking to access data and disrupt services to force payment from you. Your challenges include meeting sector-specific information governance requirements and regulations, identifying and mitigating risks and complying with GDPR.

Healthcare Industry Challenges

NHS DSPT compliance
Data protection & information governance
Secure application development
Secure cloud configuration
Secure processing of sensitive data
Supplier security risk management

How We Can Help

Healthcare Data Protection

GDPR Advice
DSAR Support
Staff Training
On-Demand Support

Healthcare Cyber Security

CISO Services
Incident Response
Supply Chain Security
Staff Training
Cloud Security

Healthcare Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Tests
Mob & Web App
Remote Testing
Detailed Report
Free Retest

Healthcare ISO Consultancy

Benchmark Assessment
ISMS Management
Internal Audit
Certification Help
On-Demand Support

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We have supported

Cyber Security for Healthcare Evalian

Our specialist consultants have years of experience in assessing, managing and supporting healthcare organisations with their cyber security and compliance obligations. That is why we are ideally placed to provide you with expert solutions to the cybersecurity or compliance challenges you face.​

Our team have supported healthcare facilities like yours, to meet their compliance requirements, assess their security posture, test their infrastructure, provide remediation advice and much more. Our aim? To take the heavy lifting away from you, so you can concentrate on the other critical areas of healthcare.

Most Common Healthcare Cyber Attacks

Phishing Attacks in Healthcare
A form of social engineering whereby a legitimate-looking email is sent, containing malicious links.

Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare
Malware prevents you from accessing systems or data and demands payment to regain access.

Denial of Service Attack in Healthcare
An attack that prevents a user from accessing systems or a database in order to cause mass disruption.​

Healthcare Web App Attacks
The exploitation of code vulnerabilities to gain access to databases resulting in medical record theft.


of all large data
breaches occur
in hospitals.​


of cyberattacks during
COVID-19 targeted banks
or healthcare organisations.

£92 million

was lost by NHS
during the WannaCry
ransomware attack