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As a developer and provider of SaaS products and services, you will not only have to implement security best practice and comply with GDPR, you will have to evidence doing so for credibility and sales purposes. Your challenges include meeting customer security expectations, securely scaling your platform to meet demand, continuous vulnerability identification and management meeting GDPR processor obligations.

SaaS Provider Industry Challenges

Compliance with GDPR
ISO 27001 certification
Secure development practices
Application security by design
API & web application testing
Secure cloud configuration

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SaaS Data Protection

GDPR Advice
DSAR Support
Staff Training
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Cyber Security for SaaS Providers

CISO Services
Cloud Configurations
Supply Chain Security
Staff Training
Cyber Essentials

Penetration Testing for SaaS Providers

Infrastructure Tests
Mob & Web App
Remote Testing
Detailed Report
Free Retest

ISO Consultancy for SaaS Providers

Benchmark Assessment
ISMS Management
Internal Audit
Certification Help
On-Demand Support

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Our specialist consultants have years of experience in assessing, managing and supporting SaaS organisations with their cyber security and compliance obligations. We can advise on your security vulnerabilities, select the right security technology and check that your systems are configured correctly.​

Our team have supported companies like yours, to meet their compliance requirements, assess their security posture, test their infrastructure and provide remediation advice. Our aim? To take the heavy lifting away from you, so you can concentrate on the other critical areas of your business.

Most Common Healthcare Cyber Attacks

Weak Internal Policies  
SaaS companies are often small & positioned for fast growth, rendering their security posture weak.

Cloud environments can be complex, misconfigurations can be hard to detect and remediate.

Supply Chain Attacks
Vendors have access to SaaS application data, presenting a larger attack vector surface.

Web App Attacks
The exploitation of code vulnerabilities to gain access to SaaS databases results in data theft.


of all SaaS users
have sensitive data
exposed online.​


of security breaches
are caused by


of cloud security failures
up to 2025 will be down
to human error.

SaaS application security

99% of cloud security failures up to 2025 will be down to human error.

The flexibility and agility of SaaS are what make it so appealing. However, these functionalities also render SaaS applications – and the data they store – more challenging to secure.   

To effectively safeguard data in SaaS applications, organisations must first understand the most common security risks. Here are the top security challenges relating to SaaS applications.   

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