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Security is ever more important in software development. Not only do your customers expect security by design in addition to specific functional requirements, but they also want the software you develop for them to be secure and to have confidence in your own security practices, such as your secure development lifecycle processes, policies and security controls. There is also an expectation for you to be cyber essentials or ISO 27001 certified.

SaaS Provider Industry Challenges

Secure coding standards & practices
Threat modelling
Secure architecture & design
Secure code reviews
Vulnerability management
Application security testing

How We Can Help

Data Protection for Software Development

GDPR Advice
DSAR Support
Staff Training
On-Demand Support

Cyber Security for Software Development

CISO Services
Cloud Configurations
Supply Chain Security
Staff Training
Cyber Essentials

Penetration Testing for Software Development

Infrastructure Tests
Mob & Web App
Remote Testing
Detailed Report
Free Retest

ISO Consultancy for Software Development

Benchmark Assessment
ISMS Management
Internal Audit
Certification Help
On-Demand Support

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Cyber Security for Software Development

Our specialist consultants have years of experience in assessing, managing and supporting Software Development organisations with their cyber security and compliance obligations. We can advise on your security vulnerabilities, select the right security technology and check that your systems are configured correctly.​

Our team have supported companies like yours, to meet their compliance requirements, assess their security posture, test their infrastructure, provide remediation advice and much more. Our aim? To take the heavy lifting away from you, so you can concentrate on the other critical areas of Software Development.

Most Common Software Development Cyber Attacks

XSS Attacks in Software Development  
A threat actor executes malicious code into an otherwise benign website.

SQL Injections in Software Development
Attacks in which a threat actor submits unexpected inputs into a web application.

Poor Password Policies
Human error is one of the biggest causes of data breaches due to poor password policies.

Software Development Malware Attacks
Software designed to harm or exploit any programmable device, service or network.


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of accounts a person
has – think passwords.​


SQL Injection main
source of web app
vulnerabilities globally in 2022.

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to XSS scripting.