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Whether you are a school, an FE college or an HE organisation you understand the criticality of lawfully processing and protecting young people’s data. Universities also have the challenge of managing sensitive research data, often in collaboration with industry. Given the sensitive data and reliance on systems at the heart of your institution, you need a mature approach to cyber resilience and compliance with data protection laws.

Education Industry Challenges

Securing students' personal data
Staff & student security awareness
Protecting sensitive research data
Subject access requests & FOI
Cyber incident response
System resilience to cyber attack

How We Can Help

Data Protection for Schools

GDPR Advice
DSAR Support
Staff Training
On-Demand Support

Cyber Security for Schools

CISO Services
Incident Response
Supply Chain Security
Staff Training
Cloud Security

Penetration Testing for Schools

Infrastructure Tests
Mob & Web App
Remote Testing
Detailed Report
Free Retest

ISO Audits for Schools

Benchmark Assessment
ISMS Management
Internal Audit
Certification Help
On-Demand Support

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Data Protection for Schools Evalian

Our specialist consultants have years of experience in assessing, managing and supporting education institutions with data protection and GDPR compliance. That is why we are ideally placed to provide you with expert solutions to the compliance challenges and cyber risks you face.

Our team have supported schools like yours, to meet their compliance requirements, assess their security posture, test their infrastructure, provide remediation advice and much more. Our aim? To take the heavy lifting away from you, so you can concentrate on the other critical areas of education.

Most Common Education Cyber Attacks

System Intrusion 
An intrusion attack is any malicious activity or policy violations that originate internally, within your own network.

Web App Attacks
The exploitation of code vulnerabilities to gain access to databases resulting in medical record theft.

Denial of Service
An attack that prevents a user from accessing systems or a database in order to cause mass disruption.

Phishing attacks
A form of social engineering whereby a legitimate-looking email is sent, containing malicious links.


out of 198 primary
schools in the UK reported
cyber attacks in 2022.


out of 221 secondary
schools in the UK reported
cyber attacks in 2022.


out of 37 higher education
institutions in the UK reported
cyber attacks in 2022.