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We provide affordable cloud security reviews for organisations across the UK and globally, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and more.


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We provide an independent assessment review of cloud services based on best practices. Our consulting team is highly qualified and experienced in information security and cloud technologies.

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Cloud Security Service Review

We will conduct a security assessment of the Cloud Service against best practice, based on the applicable CIS Benchmark, the Cloud Supplier’s own guidance and our consultant’s knowledge and expertise.

This service is delivered over 4 days and covers:




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Let our highly experienced and qualified information security experts support you in reviewing and configuring your cloud security.

We are also a CREST accredited provider of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services. Contact us today for a chat about your requirements.

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What is the cloud?

To understand cloud security, it is necessary to understand what we mean by the ‘cloud’.  At the most fundamental level, the Cloud (sometimes referred to as ‘Cloud computing’ or ‘Cloud services’) is just a different way of providing digital services.

The physical technology and hardware that underpins Cloud services are no different to what is available to consumers and all other businesses – it’s just that the physical infrastructure is owned and managed by the Cloud provider, who provides a service in a flexible, scalable, on-demand manner which supports self-service. Cloud, therefore, is more about service provision than it is about technology.

What does a cloud service look like?

Cloud services take many different forms – and as long as they still follow the characteristics listed above – they are all still Cloud services… even if they aren’t all equal.

There are three “categories” that Cloud services are usually grouped into (terms you
may have heard before), they are:

> Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
> Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
> Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

What is security for Cloud services?

Not all Cloud services are equal – they come in
various forms, shapes and size – so, as you would expect, securing them is not always
the same. Whilst the exact activities will vary, the considerations fall into the following

> Assurances from our Cloud Provider
> Our Configuration of the Cloud service
> Penetration Testing Cloud services/in Cloud environments
> Visibility and Awareness of the Cloud service

Is the Cloud more - or less - secure than running your own services?

The short – and best – answer to this question is that the two different ways of doing service provision have different risk profiles. For some risks, choosing to move to the Cloud will potentially make it a higher-risk proposition; in other cases, you may inherently reduce a risk by the way Cloud services work.

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