Data Protection Day 2024

In a world driven by digital evolution, safeguarding your organisation’s future begins with this crucial foundation – taking accountability for the data you handle. January 28th marks European Data Protection Day 2024, and all week we will be posting valuable information and advice from our data protection experts to demonstrate our commitment to clients in supporting them in their compliance.

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How to Demonstrate Accountability

Leah is one of Evalian’s senior Data Protection Officers. In this video, Leah briefly discusses the accountability principle and what organisations can do to comply and demonstrate compliance.

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1. Empowerment Through Responsibly Handling Data

When you act responsibly with your data, you command the narrative, navigating your organisation through successful compliance. How do you take charge of your data? A DPO can help drive positive change and lead a culture of accountability within your organisation. 

How a DPO can drive positive change

If you’re required by law to designate a Data Protection Officer, then you need to think about whether to appoint internally or to outsource. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. As an outsourced DPO services provider, we see it from both sides. We’ve set out some key advantages to both options, based on feedback we get from clients. Whether outsourced or in-sourced, a DPO can help to drive positive change within an organisation.

Benefits of a DPO

Should you outsource your DPO?

Phil H Quote Compressed

“Genuine organisational accountability is a deeply embedded cultural behaviour made possible only by empowering all employees to take care and ownership of personal data, to be the eyes and ears of the organisation and to bring data protection to life.”

– Philip Harris, Evalian

Leah Smith Quote Compressed

“Proactively owning Accountability activities through an organised, proportionate monitoring framework means you can demonstrate the technical and organisational measures you have put in place to protect personal data, which builds trust and confidence in your organisation.”

– Leah Smith, Evalian

2. Building Trust and Credibility:

Demonstrate integrity and build trust with your stakeholders by showcasing a commitment to responsible data handling.

Consumer trust and data protection

It is not enough to have only policies and processes. Under the UK GDPR’s accountability principle, you must be able to evidence how you meet the GDPR’s requirements.

Organisations need to tangibly show that their policies and processes are effective and fit for purpose.

Being able to evidence strong compliance will show consumers that you are an organisation that treats protecting their information seriously.

Data Protection & Consumer Trust

Alan Hathaway quote Compressed


“Accountability serves as a catalyst for optimising operational efficiency and fortifying risk management. By implementing meticulous policies, well-documented processes, and resilient monitoring systems, organisations can not only ensure compliance but also enhance their overall resilience against unforeseen data-related challenges.


Beyond regulatory adherence and operational efficiency, accountability also becomes a cornerstone in building trust among stakeholders. Customers and business partners increasingly value transparency and reliability when it comes to entrusting an organisation with their data and interests.”

– Alan Hathaway, Evalian

Here are just some of the organisations we support in building on their consumer and client trust through robust compliance with the accountability principle.

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3. Security as a Priority

Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is appropriately secured. Elevate your organisation’s security posture and shield against potential threats with robust data ownership practices.

The Importance of the UK GDPR’s Security Principle

The Security Principle

Organisations need to determine exactly what measures to implement to keep data secure. Special category data needs more protection because of its sensitive nature.

In the context of the security principle, you must be able to demonstrate you have implemented appropriate security measures on a risk-based approach and you keep your risk assessments under periodic review.

The GDPR’s Security Principle

Security Measures To Keep Your Data Safe

Physical access controls
Employee security checks
Appropriate policies in place
Documented processes in place
Control who can access information
Penetration Testing
Vulnerability scanning
Cyber tabletop exercises
Ongoing monitoring & logging

4. Strategy & Decision-Making

Making informed, strategic decisions when it comes to data handling and compliance, helps support your business goals and gives your organisation a competitive edge. 

Data Protection Common Terms

Do you need to be an expert in data protection to be accountable for your organisation’s data?

Not necessarily, but someone needs to own it, and, as the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. Demystify your obligations & improve your compliance with GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, PECR & overseas privacy laws.

Understanding DSARs

Data Transfers


Data Protection Tips for Startups

data protection tips for start ups



These three words are crucial in guaranteeing true accountability and upholding a strong sense of responsibility for complying with data protection legislation.

To “Build” – means to implement robust technical and organisational measures for data protection that are deeply ingrained in the structure of the organisation.

“Trust” – refers to ensuring data subjects have the confidence that their personal data is being adequately safeguarded.

“Mitigate” – By establishing a comprehensive data protection programme, you can effectively minimise the data protection risks that could potentially harm a company’s reputation.

– Christiana Kukoyi, Evalian

5. Compliance and Legal Safeguarding

Navigate the complex landscape of data regulations with confidence. By keeping up to date on the latest regulation changes and updates, you are safeguarding your organisation against legal pitfalls.

UKs regulatory regime for AI

Updates On Regulations

In the context of AI, accountability becomes critical as organisations grapple with the challenges of responsible data use in machine learning and automated decision-making systems.

As we acknowledge Data Protection Day, organisations should reflect on their data protection and AI compliance strategies.

The UK AI Regulations

New UK Data Protection Law