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GDPR Internal Auditing

Does your business need a GDPR audit? We are expert data protection service providers. We can review adequacy against legal requirements and compliance with your internal policies and procedures.

We use an evidence-based approach, through interviews and desk-based document reviews and understanding your data processing activities to ensure you demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our gap analysis is followed by a detailed report setting out assurance levels, areas of non-compliance and recommendations.

Complying with the GDPR need not be daunting, let us do the heavy lifting for you with a fixed, affordable package. Contact our friendly team today.

  • Audits against GDPR, Data Protection Act & PECR
  • Covering Adequacy and Compliance
  • Onsite & Remote Options
  • Interview Led & Document Reviews
  • One-Off or Ongoing Audit Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Compliance Recommendations
  • Experienced Specialists
  • Affordable Rates
  • Registration with the Information Commissioner Office or other public authority if not the ICO

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GDPR Audit Checklist

Executive Engagement
Personal Information Processing
Lawful Bases for Processing Activities
Privacy Information
DPO Designation
Retention & Destruction
Data Subject Rights
International Transfers
Data Processors
Information Security Measures
Breach Reporting
Data Protection by Design
Risk Management & DPIAs
Record Keeping

Our Approach

We’ll start with a scoping call to understand how you operate, what your record of processing looks like, what your data collection methods entail, how you collect and protect personal data, and your needs and timescales. Then we’ll provide a detailed proposal. If you think we’re the right fit, we’ll create a statement of work.

Your allocated auditor will discuss and agree on the plan with you, including logistics and details of the stakeholders we’ll meet. Your detailed report will follow soon after the audit, listing areas of non-compliance together with practical recommendations to meet the data protection regulation.

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Let our team of highly qualified, experienced DPOs support you and help you to become and remain GDPR compliant.

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If your organisation processes personal data, then you’re at risk of a data breach. Our expert consultants have years of experience and will conduct a data protection audit, ultimately ensuring your compliance with GDPR.

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Contact us now for a friendly, no-obligation discussion or to request more information about our data protection and GDPR auditing services. We’re in London, Southampton, the Midlands and North West and support clients across the UK and globally. We can also offer GDPR staff training.



What is a GDPR Audit?

A data privacy or GDPR audit should bridge the gap in your compliance requirements. It will help your organisation determine any shortcomings in your compliance so that you can address them and ensure that you are meeting your GDPR obligations when it comes to protecting personal data.

If your company does not have an in-house data protection officer, an audit can be carried out by an independent third party who are expert in data protection and GDPR compliance, like Evalian, who can also help with full support in remediating any issues.

A gap analysis will include a detailed report – in Evalian’s case, an easy-to-digest traffic light system, which helps you to understand where the weaknesses are in your compliance, helping you to prioritise your data protection activities, whether it’s better staff GDPR awareness training, updating policies or drafting your privacy notices.

Do we need a GDPR audit?

If you are an organisation in the UK and you handle the personal data of EU citizens, you need to ensure you are compliant with GDPR. How do you know if you are completely compliant with the regulations and understand the data protection principles? By conducting an audit.

What are the benefits of carrying out a data privacy audit?

The benefits of a GDPR audit are quite straightforward. If an auditor finds any regulation shortcomings, these can be remediated and you have the confidence that you won’t be facing any fines from the ICO in the future.

Not only will it help you mitigate any fines, but it can give you an advantage over your competitors as your clients or potential clients can rest assured that your compliance is rock solid and that their data is in safe hands.

Carrying out a data privacy audit can also help with training and onboarding new employees. Having robust policies and procedures in place ensures that your workforce is up to speed with the correct way to handle data, meaning better cyber security awareness and ultimately less chance of a data breach.

What does a Data Protection gap analysis involve?

To conduct a thorough GDPR audit, your data protection consultant will start with a call to discuss your requirements. From there they will arrange calls with the relevant stakeholders within your organisation in order to fully understand your business. They will need to know the basics such as the size and structure of your organisation, locations, how the business operates, details of the information security management system, the technical and organisational measures in place, the types of data processed, how it is stored and protected and much more.

From there you should receive a detailed audit report, in the case of Evalian, we use the traffic light system which is an easy-to-understand report – detailing the severity of the shortcomings, and the finer details, so that you can prioritise and set out a clear roadmap for improving your compliance.

Who can carry out a GDPR audit?

Generally speaking, they can be conducted internally by in-house staff and external data protection service providers. If conducting in-house, it’s important to make sure that the DPO or IT security officer, has the right skill set, with in-depth knowledge of the regulations and with the appropriate qualifications.

There are, however, advantages to using an external data protection officer. Using a trusted and highly qualified external DPO service for your data privacy assessment, like Evalian, means you can gain a neutral perspective and are able to provide an unbiased opinion and more objective advice

An external provider will use tried and tested policy and procedure templates that they will then tailor to your organisation after doing thorough research into how your business operates, such as liaising with the internal stakeholders and setting up in-depth meetings with the relevant people within your organisation to gain insights into your data processing activities and current level of GDPR knowledge. This will give you the confidence that what you are getting is a proven framework for GDPR compliance as well as an insightful report into your level of compliance and what you need to improve upon.


How much does a GDPR audit cost?

A data protection gap analysis can cost anywhere between £800 – £3,500 for a small to medium-sized organisation. Often, the audit is provided as part of an overarching DPO support package (see our DPO support packages here). For larger enterprises, the costs can be much higher, depending on the requirements of the engagement and how complex the data processing activities are.

For a free quote, or to talk about a bespoke package, contact our friendly team who are happy to advise. We have competitive and fair prices. To learn more about why our clients choose us time and time again as their external DPO, read our case studies.