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Why Use Evalian As Your DPO?

We know that data protection & processing activities can seem complex and time-consuming. We can demystify your obligations and help ensure GDPR compliance.

Your external DPO won’t just monitor and advise, they will also roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, working as an extended member of your team, whether it’s verifying data processing activities, or conducting DPIAs.

Our wide range of external DPO services will help you find the right balance between your business objectives and legal requirements.

  • Named Data Protection Officer
  • Communicate with the Supervisory Authority (such as ICO)
  • Privacy Policy & Notices
  • Data Subject Access Requests Support
  • Data Breach Support
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Awareness Training, Compliance Auditing
  • Marketing Support & Cookie Compliance
  • Data Protection Inbox Management
  • Virtual & Managed DPO Services

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your DPO

If you’re required by law to designate a Data Protection Officer, then you’ve come to the right place! Many organisations come to us with a lack of resources and time to dedicate to their data protection obligations and seek outsourced services, particularly when it comes to small businesses or startups (read our 8 Tips on data protection for Startups here).

UK & EU GDPR Expertise
Cyber security expertise
Flexible engagements
On top of trends
Cost effective
Peace of mind

Evalian's Comprehensive data protection officer services Includes:


Named DPO

You'll get a named DPO, supported by our wider team


ICO Registration

We'll register ourselves as your DPO with the ICO

Mobile application Testing

On-Demand Access

On-demand phone, email & online access to your DPO

Managed Testing & Assurance

Breach Response

Prioritised support if you suffer a data breach

Email Phishing Assessment

SAR Support

Help responding to data subject rights requests


DPIA Preparation

Carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notices

Reviewing and creating privacy notices


Policy Creation

Privacy policy creation and supporting procedures


Awareness Training

Employee training & awareness

Firewall Rule Assessment

Data Transfers

Data sharing, international transfers & processors


Onsite Services

Optional committed time onsite each month

End Point Build Assessment

Security Advice

Information security guidance

Advice From Our DPOs

Raymond Orife Evalian 250x250

“Data protection is about ensuring customers can trust how you’re going to use their personal data and making sure you use it fairly and responsibly.”

Leah Smith

“As a Data Controller, you are responsible for and must be able to demonstrate compliance. With this in mind, ensure you keep accurate and up-to-date records.”

Sandy May

“DPIAs will not only help your organisation comply with the UK GDPR and satisfy the accountability principle, but they encourage a culture of data protection.”

Our Approach

We start every outsourced DPO services engagement with a GDPR compliance review to understand your baseline level of GDPR compliance and areas in which you need to improve.

The information we gather during the gap analysis is also used to on-board your organisation as a DPO client.

During onboarding, we designate your primary and supporting DPO and provide you with key contact details. We’ll also register as your DPO with the ICO.

If you choose an onsite service, we’ll make arrangements for our regular visits to your office.

Your Bespoke Offer:

Step 1 Evalian DPO

Step 1: Talk To Us

Have a free, no-obligation chat with one of our DPO experts to talk about your compliance needs, so we can understand your requirements. We’ll ask about your size, structure, management systems, working practices, culture, strategy and goals.


Or call 03330 500 111

Step 2 Evalian DPO

Step 2: Tailor Your Package

We offer three base packages to choose from, but we know there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to privacy and security, which is why we can tailor your package to be unique to your organisation, ensuring you are getting the most from your engagement with us.


Step 3 Evalian DPO

Step 3: Agree Your Quote

After assessing your needs from our initial engagement, we will tailor a package to suit you, and send you a Statement of Work and Proposal document. Once approved, we will assign you your dedicated Data Protection Officer who will guide you through the next steps.


Sector Experience

We have multi-industry experience across our team from working with over 500 clients who trust us with their DPO duties.

Financial Services
SaaS & Software Development
Online & Retail Gambling
Property Development
GP Surgeries
Energy & Utilities
Sports Organisations
Political Pressure Groups
Charitable Bodies
Local Government
Higher Education

DPO Solutions For Industry

DPO for Schools

We act as DPO for a number of schools, universities & education centres across the UK. We know cost-effective solutions are a priority for schools & that is why we work to tailor a package to suit your budget & requirements with no hidden costs.

DPO for Schools

DPO for Finance

We have clients in the finance/fintech sector who work with high volumes of sensitive personal & corporate data. Being subject to sector-specific regulatory obligations & GDPR, we know the impact a data breach could cause.

DPO for finance

DPO for Healthcare

Whether you are a healthcare provider or a supplier to the sector we will help you meet sector-specific information governance requirements & regulations, identifying & mitigating risks & complying with GDPR.

DPO for healthcare

Client DPO Success Stories

Find out why we are trusted by over 500 organisations to act as their DPO. Our team of experts have supported companies like yours, to meet their data protection and GDPR compliance requirements. Our aim? To take the heavy lifting away from you, so you can concentrate on the other critical areas of your organisation. 

Other Data Protection Services


Need An Outsourced DPO?

Contact us now for a friendly, no-obligation discussion or to request more information about our DPO Services or GDPR compliance services. We’re in Hampshire, London the Midlands and North West and support clients across the UK and globally.



What is a DPO?

A data protection officer (“DPO”) is an independent expert who advises an organisation on its data protection and information rights responsibilities, as well as assisting with monitoring the organisation’s compliance with these obligations. A DPO can be a singular person or a third-party organisation.

Under the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (“UK GDPR”), many organisations are required to appoint a DPO. If you don’t have to designate a DPO now but might have to in the future, due to growth or new services, then appointing a DPO early makes sense as they can help ensure data protection by design as your processing expands.

If you operate a consumer-facing business and process personal data, then having a DPO can help you stay on top of data protection laws and help build a relationship of trust with your consumers. If your organisation is a data processor, having a DPO can also help build confidence with the controllers on whose behalf you are processing personal data.

Do we need a DPO?

Not every organisation needs to appoint a DPO but under the UK GDPR, you must appoint a DPO if your organisation:

  • is a public authority or body (except for courts acting in their judicial capacity);
  • as part of its core activities, is regularly, systematically monitoring individuals on a large scale (for example, location-based services). An organisation’s core activities are their primary business activities. As such, if you need to process personal data to achieve a key business objective, this will be a core activity; or
  • is processing special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences on a large scale.

A group of undertakings may appoint a single DPO, providing they can be easily accessed by each entity. A DPO does not have to be an individual, it can be a company or an organisation too, meaning an organisation can outsource its DPO role to a third party.


Should we outsource DPO?

There are clear advantages to appointing a DPO externally or hiring internally. Ultimately, it requires taking a risk-based approach and balancing this against internal expertise, business objectives and budget, before committing either way. If you’d like more insight into GDPR accountability to support your current in-house DPO, then download our free guide to GDPR accountability.

As a DPO services provider, we see it from both sides. But if you do decide to hire internally, we also support in-house DPOs who often need a second opinion, extra resources or need help because they have another role as well.

If you don’t already employ somebody suitably educated, available, independent, and able to prioritise data protection over your business interests, then your options are to hire a new employee or outsource the role to an external consultant. Remember that a DPO role is one that upholds the rights of the data subject, and as such, is not appropriate for a Director to take on the DPO role as it creates a conflict of interest.

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