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October 23rd, 2023 Posted in Penetration Testing

Evalian achieves CREST OVS for web app & mobile app penetration testing

In October 2023, Evalian added to their CREST accreditations with the OVS Standard for delivering mobile and web app pen testing.

Developed by CREST, in consultation with OWASP, the OVS standard sets a new benchmark for application security and provides added security assurance to mobile and web app developers as well as accredited organisations with enhanced access to the evolving app development sector. Achieving the CREST OVS Standard provides assurance to the buying community that developers using CREST OVS accredited providers, always know that they are engaged with ethical and capable organisations with skilled and competent security testers by leveraging the OWASP ASVS and MASVS standards.

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CREST Accredited Penetration Testing UK

Evalian® is already globally recognised as being CREST accredited for penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. The achievements were awarded after weeks of preparation and rigorous assessments of our business processes, data security and security testing, as well as ongoing, regular updates and maintenance of our testing methodologies to ensure we are delivering one of the best penetration testing solutions in the UK market.

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Why use a company that is CREST-certified?

As a direct result of increased connectivity, cloud platform adoption and API integration, globally, organisations are faced with the challenge of an expanding attack surface. With the ever-growing risks to businesses, organisations are faced with rising costs of attempting to mitigate cyber attacks. The unfortunate reality is, however, that many cyber security services are unregulated, and greatly vary in quality and consistency, which presents further risks to the buying community.

Using a company that has CREST accreditation to carry out security assessments and penetration testing gives you the confidence that the quality of the services and the technical capability and skills of the consultants you have access to are of an internationally recognised high standard. Using a CREST-certified pen test professional ensures you are being provided with reputable services and testers who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, competent and able to find not only the commonly found vulnerabilities within an infrastructure but also the difficult-to-find vulnerabilities.

Learn more about the benefits of penetration testing for your business.

“Achieving this certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our clients and stakeholders in consistently delivering a high standard of professional security services. The globally recognised CREST certification validates the knowledge and skills of our consultants, enhancing our customers’ confidence that our security methodologies provide them with the most robust assessment of their information security posture.”  Sean Huggett, Founder and Managing Director of Evalian®.

But can’t we just get automated vulnerability scanning?

Several pen testing companies today offer automated pen testing tools, which are increasingly impressive, but it is in the interest of organisations to understand the limitations of these tools. An automated analysis or test cannot offer the same depth of assurance as a manual penetration test. 

If you’re unsure of what to look out for, read our comprehensive guide to penetration testing costs, where we highlight the reasons behind choosing quality over budget options. It’s also worth considering cloud penetration testing, given that over 90% of organisations worldwide use at least one cloud platform.

The penetration testing process is considered an ‘active’ analysis, the penetration tester proactively identifies and exploits vulnerabilities – often in combination – just as a real-world threat actor would. Automated vulnerability scanners are used as part of the pen testing process to identify vulnerabilities for manual exploitation during the discovery phase.

Ultimately, vulnerability scans verify that your organisation has reached a minimum level of security. However, they do not confirm whether the vulnerability can be exploited and therefore do not provide the depth of assurance an expert penetration test gives.  We have a useful guide here on the difference between automated scanning and manual testing

What does Evalians’ penetration testing offering include?

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Our pen testing offering provides a range of penetration testing and assessment solutions including infrastructure testing, web app testing, mobile app testing, vulnerability scanning and phishing assessments. Our extensive guide to penetration testing highlights the different aspects of penetration testing and dispels the myths surrounding it. Click the image on the left to download your FREE guide. 

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to get a penetration test, but our experts are on hand to help with those kinds of questions to ensure you get the best out of your pen testing service and have full transparency over what a penetration test should include. We also have a really in-depth look into how to scope a penetration test if you need support in what information to collect before you engage with a supplier.

We provide comprehensive penetration testing reports, which will help you to identify, understand and remediate discovered security weaknesses – with the overarching aim of improving your cyber resilience.  Valuable reporting is a crucial part of penetration testing. Learn more about what a good pen test report should include

Evalian’s penetration testing experts

Our testers are highly qualified and experienced in testing, information security and related fields and hold certifications from CREST, Tigerscheme, Cyber Scheme, Offensive Security, SANS, ISC2 and IASME.

Our testers have backgrounds in performing testing for public and private financial organisations such as banks, stock exchanges, manufacturing companies, government agencies, public healthcare services, SaaS providers, information technology, and UK government.

Our Evalian Penetration Testing Experts

Want to know more about our CREST-certified pen testing?

If your organisation needs help running a penetration test on an application or infrastructure, we’re here to help. We can assess your environment and run a full penetration test. We can also advise you on any follow-up actions or remediations from our findings. Contact us for a friendly chat.


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