Cyber Security for Charities 2022

November 4th, 2022 Posted in
Cyber Security for Charities 2022
Cyber Security for Charities 2022

UK charities store, process, and collect a wealth of sensitive data, including financial information, personal data about individuals, and commercial data. These types of data are of potential monetary value to malicious actors. Indeed, today’s attackers will not overlook targeting a charity because it is non-profitmaking. Charities are vulnerable to the same types of threats and risks as today’s corporations – especially if the charity enables online financial transactions via their website. The data, resources, and assets charities have, are at risk.
Charities must invest in cyber security to prevent their organisation, donors, volunteers, employees, trustees, and networks from being impacted by a security incident – of which the consequences can be far-reaching.​

This comprehensive guide will give you an insight into cybersecurity and risk management for charities of all sizes. ​

Kate Mingo

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